If the game looks weird, try switching to full screen mode.

You play as a shadowy ghost.

Your goal: shade things around the island to make them less afraid of the dark.

W A S D to move

Esc to return to the title screen

F11 or P to toggle full screen

Set audio volume with 1-9 keys


Gideon Burnham (AKA Arrow) - artist, programmer, music producer.

Jgards3 - Artist (he made the ghost and a few other things)

Natalein - Artist (she made the cat, the big tree and the girl)

Made in Unity - All assets were made during the game jam.

Made for the Kindred Community Jam #4


Wittle Ghost Guy Windows 1.1.zip 18 MB


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whoa you made this in 7 days?

yep <3

really cool

i made a game too and i removed from submissions because it was terrible 

Oof. Well there is always next time.

thanks, your game is 10 out of 10 by the way 

especially the gameplay and art


thanks so much <3. I don't usually do art so that means alot <3